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Certificate: 18 | Released: 2008 | Duration: 1 hr 35 mins | Director: Pascal Laugier | Studio: Elevation | Genres: Thriller - Horror - World Cinema

Tells the story of Anna, once a missing little girl, found wandering a year later on a country road virtually catatonic after suffering some sort of physical abuse. She grows into a comely young woman, but she's got serious issues. She also has a close friend, Lucie, who she ultimately calls after she finds herself in an unusual house in the middle of the forest. There's something very disturbing about the Bauhaus-esque home, something Anna can't quite put her finger on.

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French cinema continues its reign as the brutal roi of international horror with this startling import. MARTYRS begins in the 1970s, with a young kidnapping victim named Lucie running through the streets, barely clothed and covered in cuts. At the hospital, she bonds with fellow patient--and abuse victim--Anna, and they begin a bond that last for years. More than a decade later, the violence in their lives continues, but this time they may not be the victims.

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