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Jimmy's unique brand of humor demonstrates the observations he makes on life's taboos using witty one-liners and offensive put downs.... (Full plot summary below)

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Jimmy's unique brand of humor demonstrates the observations he makes on life's taboos using witty one-liners and offensive put downs.

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Village Voice - 5/10 by Leslie Camhi Backed by a strong supporting cast, Whaley makes Jimmy a vivid character, but he never achieves anything like the tragic grandeur of a Willy Loman. He's at once too earnest and too unappealing.
New York Daily News - 5/10 by Jack Mathews The movie is as unpleasant as its hero, and the film audience gets no more for its money than the customers at the Laughing Stock. Still, watching Whaley take Jimmy down his tortured path has some morbid appeal -- like a train wreck in progress.
New York Post - 5/10 by V.A. Musetto Whaley gives an earnest performance, especially when he's articulating his frustrations during his monologues. But it's all relentlessly glum. The film, like Jimmy's routines, could use a few good laughs.
The New York Times - 4/10 by Stephen Holden The kind of movie that is a must to avoid on a bad day. Even on a good one, it could send you into a funk.
TV Guide Magazine - 4/10 by Maitland McDonagh Whaley's determination to immerse you in sheer, unrelenting wretchedness is exhausting.
Variety - 3/10 by Scott Foundas Pic has a stagy, boxed-in feel. Both visually and energetically, it suggests something that has been done onstage to the point of mechanized repetition. And even though Whaley is supposed to be playing a disillusioned character, it's the actor himself who seems fatigued and over-rehearsed.
User Review - 10/10 by PinkSabbath The critics missed the point. this is DRAMA, not the cheesy hollywood formula kind weve been force-fed for decades, but real life kind of drama. the acting was beautiful, the story was unusually relevant to so many of us working class losers. maybe that's why the critics don't get it; they never had to work a crappy supermarket job where there only thrill was ripping off beer. i give this film 97 thumbs up. to hell with you lame, daddy-owns-the-magazine idiots.
User Review - 10/10 by EricB. Critics are stupid, point-missing idiots. This movie is written with an honesty and "realness" that I've never seen before. Frank Whaley plays his self-written character perfectly, and captures the hope and failings of the true american dream. SEE THIS MOVIE.
User Review - 10/10 by T Thiis is a wonderful movie--it is an honest movie about dealing with problems without the benefit of happy coincidences and good fortune--no fairly Godmother, but no Willie Loman ending either--for those who don't get it--the standup routine is Jimmy's interior dialog--and, for those who missed it, it isn't depressing, because the character never gives in.
User Review - 9/10 by [Anonymous] The critics attack it for being depressing - but real life is depressing. Very honest movie.
User Review - 7/10 by Ray I really liked it, but I too felt it spiralled too far down, giving one little sympathy for a character who refuses to try to pick himself up by his boot straps. I felt the acting was superb, and the film held my attention throughout. Just a little sprinkle of joy might have made a major difference.
User Review - 1/10 by blahblahblah This film was remarkable only in it's complete lack of dimension. i can't understand what people are seeing in it. i think about what a story like this would would be like in a documentary and i wouldn't watch it. as a narrative, it's even more tortuous because it isn't real.

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