Hustle And Flow
Hustle And Flow

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Certificate: 15 | Released: 2005 | Duration: 1 hr 52 mins | Director: Craig Brewer | Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment | Genres: Drama

An aspiring emcee from the Dirty South who is trying to make it in the hip-hop world has to deal with many different types of people who try to bring him down, including strippers, his baby's mama, and all the things that try to keep a player down. This is probably his last chance to make it: he is approaching his 40s, and his life is looking downhill.

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Inner-city rap drama starring Ludacris and Terrence Howard. Street hustler and low-grade pimp DJ (Howard) spends his time selling sexy Nola (Taryn Manning) to clients so that he can support pregnant girlfriend Shug (Taraji Henson), but his sleazy lifestyle leaves him feeling hollow and unfulfilled. When he hears that local rapper, and now major superstar, Skinny Black (Ludacris) is returning to the 'hood for the 4th of July, DJay seizes his only opportunity to team up with a couple of friends and put together a demo tape that he hopes will buy his way to fame and fortune.

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