Hannibal Rising
Hannibal Rising

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Certificate: 18 | Released: 2007 | Duration: 1 hr 57 mins | Director: Peter Webber | Studio: Momentum Pictures | Genres: Thriller - Horror

Based on Thomas Harris' upcoming new book of the same name, this prequel shows a young Hannibal Lecter in three different phases of his life from childhood in Lithuania to his ten years in England up to his time in Russia before his capture by FBI agent Will Graham in Red Dragon.

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In Red Dragon we learned who he was. In Silence of the Lambs we learned how he did it. Now comes the most chilling chapter in the life of Hannibal Lecter - the one that answers that most elusive question of all - why? Hannibal Rising takes us back to finally explain the origins of Lecter's evil. Beginning in World War II, this dark and intense story follows Hannibal's survival of the horrors of war, his formative years in the fields of medicine and forensics and finally a journey of revenge against the predators who changed his life forever. Above all it reveals the mind of a monster and shows us just what would drive a man to cannibalism.

Director Peter Webber rolls up his sleeves and takes on the monumental task of carrying on the Hannibal franchise with the dark thriller ā€œHannibal Risingā€ A story that will take us back to the end of the second world war and show us some of the horrific events that took place when Hannibal Lecter was just a young boy.

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Movie Reviews

Premiere - 6.3/10 by Jenni Miller The story's beginning is in a rush to get to the the killings, which get more and more disgusting.
San Francisco Chronicle - 7.5/10 by Peter Hartlaub Hannibal Rising isn't a classic, but it's entertaining and a surprisingly fitting addition to the franchise.
New York Daily News - 6.3/10 by Jack Mathews This strikes me as the final nail in the franchise's coffin. I can't name an actor who could have made young Lecter as interesting as the older one, but Ulliel does not come close.
TV Guide - 6.3/10 by Ken Fox It's a handsomely mounted but poky thriller undone by a fatally miscast lead.

Movie Trivia

  • A number of actors auditioned for the role of Hannibal Lecter including Hayden Christensen, Macaulay Culkin, Hugh Dancy, Rupert Friend and Dominic Cooper.
  • The Hannibal Lecter films are all based on books written by Thomas Harris. This film was the first that Harris has adapted from one of his own books.
  • When Lecter injects himself, Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations is playing. This is the same song that plays during The Silence Of The Lambs when Lecter escapes from captivity.
  • A fake severed head and a rubber penis were stolen from the set.

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