Hamilton Mattress
Hamilton Mattress

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Certificate: U | Released: 2001 | Duration: 1 hr 5 mins | Director: Barry Purves | Studio: Entertainment One | Genres: Family - Children - Animated

Sludger is that rarest of creatures, an interesting aardvark, who along with his best friend, a caterpillar called Feldwick, heads off to the bright lights of Beak City, the glamorous world of the birds. There he becomes a rock drummer and changes his name to Hamilton Mattress but not all the birds in the city are happy about his success. HAMILTON MATTRESS is packed with songs and fun for the whole family.

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Sludger is an unloved aardvark who has a very special talent. One day Sludger and his friend Feldwick the caterpillar take a trip to Beak City where Sludger is transformed into Hamilton Mattress...

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