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Sludger the aardvark tries to make it big as a drummer in the big city.... (Full plot summary below)

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Sludger the aardvark tries to make it big as a drummer in the big city.

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Movie Reviews

Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Roger Ebert Kate Bosworth holds it all together with a sweetness that is beyond calculation.
USA Today - 8/10 by Claudia Puig Unexpectedly charming. It's a classic date movie, but it also will appeal to pre-dating tweens and middle-aged romantics.
Christian Science Monitor - 8/10 by David Sterritt Isn't as funny as it wants to be, but it has a sheer pleasantness that stands out in this season of heavy-handed entertainments.
Wall Street Journal - 7/10 by Joe Morgenstern The great lesson of the film is that humor, honest feelings and genuine exuberance trump technique.
Washington Post - 6/10 by Mark Jenkins Forget Tad Hamilton -- this is really a 90-minute date with Kate Bosworth.
Premiere - 6/10 by Laine Ewen It is a cute, silly romantic comedy, with little suspense and nothing particularly new to add to genre.
The A.V. Club - 6/10 by Scott Tobias The great character actor Gary Cole, in particular, stands out as Bosworth's father, who tries to impress Duhamel by reading the trades, thumbing through Julia Phillips' autobiography, and donning a Project Greenlight T-shirt.
Miami Herald - 6/10 by Connie Ogle Half-hearted satire of Hollywood and small-town life, and Bosworth is not particularly memorable in it.
Baltimore Sun - 6/10 by Michael Sragow A flimsy, genial romp peopled with early-twentysomethings and targeted at teens and young adults.
TV Guide Magazine - 6/10 by Angel Cohn This sweet trifle is infinitely more enjoyable than the gross-out romantic comedies that proliferated in the wake of "There's Something About Mary."
New York Daily News - 6/10 by Elizabeth Weitzman Starts out as fresh as your popcorn, but turns stale before you finish it.
Los Angeles Times - 6/10 by Kevin Thomas A sweet-natured romantic comedy that's easy viewing but could have used a little more energy and a little less unalloyed niceness to put it over with more punch.

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