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Chris Rock explores the wonders of African-American hairstyles.... (Full plot summary below)

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Chris Rock explores the wonders of African-American hairstyles.

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Quad City Times (Davenport, IA) - 10/10 by Linda Cook One of the best movies of the year seems to be lost in the Halloween-time shuffle.
Orlando Weekly - 10/10 by Justin Strout Whatever Rock's impetus for exploring the wallet-busting, day-consuming, sometimes chemically dangerous desire of black women to achieve European hair, he's never wanting for laughter.
Toronto Star - 10/10 by Linda Barnard It's more TV special material that theatrical release. But thanks to Rock's laid-back humour, Good Hair is also good entertainment.
Boston Phoenix - 9/10 by Shaula Clark Good Hair is a film that will make your head itch to know more.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 9/10 by Steven Rea Good Hair is certainly no arid anthropological study. Rock's queries are loose and quippy, but his instincts are as sharp as an investigative journalist's.
One Guy's Opinion - 9/10 by Frank Swietek A surprisingly fascinating subject that...yields lots of laughs. - 9/10 by Chris Barsanti A generally superb model of how to make a pop documentary
USA Today - 9/10 by Claudia Puig Good Hair is cause for hope that Rock continues to make documentaries. His style is lively, smooth and up-to-date, like the most coveted 'do.
Philadelphia Daily News - 9/10 by Gary Thompson It's an inside look at an offbeat, under-examined corner of American life -- one of the things that documentaries do best, and Good Hair does it well.
Miami Herald - 8/10 by Connie Ogle Rock takes aim at the truth and humor of this potent cultural question with a sharp wit and lively curiousity, even if he doesn't pursue vigorously enough its uglier side.
Hollywood Reporter - 8/10 by Frank Scheck This entertaining exploration of black hair issues will get your dander up. - 8/10 by Nora Lee Mandel The "Girlfriend, ya gotta see this movie!" of the year for an entertaining and provocative tour of some of the permutations of African-American women with their hair.

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