Finding Graceland
Finding Graceland

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Certificate: PG | Released: 1998 | Duration: 1 hr 45 mins | Director: David Winkler | Studio: Pathe Distribution | Genres: Comedy - Drama

Jonathan Schaech (THAT THING YOU DO!) portrays a Byron, man who is devastated by the death of his wife (Mol). He decides to take a road trip from New Mexico to Memphis to visit Graceland. Along the way, he picks up a strange hitchhiker (Keitel) who claims to be the King himself. What begins as annoyance with this kooky character turns into admiration when Byron discovers that his new companion has the ability to charm everyone in his path.

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Byron becomes very depressed after the death of his wife and so he decides to take a drive to Memphis. He picks up a hitchhiker along the way who claims that he is Elvis and needs to get back home to Graceland...

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