Female Agents
Female Agents

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Certificate: 15 | Released: 2008 | Duration: 1 hr 53 mins | Director: Jean-Paul Salome | Studio: Revolver Entertainment | Genres: Drama - World Cinema

World War II Resistance fighter Louise (Marceau) flees to London and joins Churchill's Special Operations Executive. Her first mission is to rescue a Brit operative, but she must assemble a crack team of female spies to do so.

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Based on the 1944 Normandy Landings, FEMALE AGENTS recounts the story of five ordinary women tasked with rescuing a British agent from behind enemy lines. Louise (Sophie Marceau) is put in charge of the mission and her first point of duty is to assemble a crack team of all-female Resistance fighters. Using her feminine wiles, she manages to secure the very best women in their respective fields: a showgirl who excels in the art of seduction, a chemist and explosives expert, a prostitute and cold-blooded killer, and a Jewish Italian radio operator. Just when everything seems to be going well, they receive orders to assassinate the head of Nazi counter-intelligence in Paris, for fears that he knows too much about the Landings. How will the women adapt to this unexpected and potentially suicidal change of plans?

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