Date Movie
Date Movie

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Certificate: 15 | Released: 2006 | Duration: 1 hr 23 mins | Director: Jason Friedberg | Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment | Genres: Comedy

This send-up of romantic comedies is directed by SCARY MOVIE screenwriters Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, and features the comedic talents of Jennifer Coolidge, Fred Willard, and BUFFY's Allyson Hannigan.

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Date movie is a new romantic comedy spoof film from the creators of Spy Hard. With romance for the girls and plenty of laughs for the boys this is a film for everyone!

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Movie Reviews

Entertainment Weekly - 6.7/10 by Owen Gleiberman In Date Movie, the hormones, anxiety, and princess jealousy that fuel the majority of Hollywood love stories are made so excessive that the romance itself is revealed to be...every bit as big a crock as it usually is.

Movie Trivia

  • Alyson Hannigan, who plays Julia, also starred in the American Pie movies.
  • Director Aaron Seltzer also directed the spoofs Vampires Suck, Meet The Spartans and Epic Movie.

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