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A snowboarder takes lessons from a former champion, inspiring him to reach for the stars once again.... (Full plot summary below)

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A snowboarder takes lessons from a former champion, inspiring him to reach for the stars once again.

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Movie Reviews - 10/10 by Andrew O'Hehir Its too-muchness is also the source of its power; I was absolutely never bored, and felt surprised when the movie ended. It's an amazing, baffling, thrilling and (for many, it would appear) irritating experience, and for my money the most beautiful and distinctive big-screen vision of the year.
Chicago Sun-Times - 10/10 by Roger Ebert It fascinates in the moment. It's getting from one moment to the next that is tricky. Surely this is one of the most ambitious films ever made.
Time - 10/10 by Joe Neumaier The Walk is a visionary high-wire act.
The Telegraph - 10/10 by Robbie Collin Zemeckis turns the event into a kind of blockbuster Cinéma Pur – an almost avant-garde game of composition, movement and perspective, exhilaratingly attuned to form and space. ("Mad Max": Fury Road did the same.) The camerawork is subtle and meticulous, the 3D head-spinningly well-applied.
Village Voice - 10/10 by Stephanie Zacharek The movie's true center, the meteorological phenomenon that makes it so pleasurable to watch, is the half-prickly, half-affectionate interplay between Binoche and Stewart.
Time Out New York - 10/10 by David Ehrlich It’s a sexy concept that will thrill Assayas neophytes, but the director’s longtime fans will find its pleasures virtually pornographic.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 10/10 by Calvin Wilson Working from a script co-written with Christopher Browne, director Robert Zemeckis (“Forrest Gump”) pulls off a fabulous trick of his own: delivering a mainstream entertainment that has, at its heart, a poetic sensibility.
Austin Chronicle - 9/10 by Marc Savlov This remarkable adaptation of the supposedly "unfilmable" novel by David Mitchell achieves near-perfection on virtually all levels.
The New York Times - 9/10 by Manohla Dargis The three women in Clouds of Sils Maria love, talk and move, move, move, sharing lives, trading roles and performing parts. The lives they lead are messy and indeterminate, but each woman’s life belongs to her.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 9/10 by Steven Rea Hugely affecting - and reflective and witty.
New York Magazine (Vulture) - 9/10 by David Edelstein Assayas’s pace is easy, his structure linear: no tricky flashbacks, no jagged cuts. There’s so little in the way of histrionics that it’s hard to put one’s finger on why the film is so terrifically intense — except that each actress is, in her own peculiar way, preternaturally high-strung, able to convey momentous emotional stakes without raising her voice above the pitch of conversation.
Variety - 9/10 by Peter Debruge Binoche leaves audiences with the same exhilarating feeling here — of having witnessed something precious and rare — answering the challenge of Assayas’ script by revealing a character incredibly closer to her soul.

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