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A washed out former star in need of money has a get rich plan...start a volleyball team whose players consist of group of beautiful athletic strippers.... (Full plot summary below)

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A washed out former star in need of money has a get rich plan...start a volleyball team whose players consist of group of beautiful athletic strippers.

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Philadelphia Inquirer - 8/10 by Carrie Rickey It's a comedy that knows that no matter one's ethnicity, human foibles, follies and hopes are universal.
Chicago Reader - 8/10 by J.R. Jones On paper the story may seem hopelessly contrived -- another nostalgia piece for art-house liberals -- but on-screen it's presented in purely emotional terms, which allows Duigan and his excellent leads to inhabit and ultimately transcend the period.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 8/10 by William Arnold "Clouds" fills its exteriors with the glory of the Utah mountains and its interiors with the work of the late Hopi artist, Dan Lomahaftewa -- a pleasing combination that gives the film its own special visual style and magic.
Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Roger Ebert There will be holiday pictures that are more high-tech than this one, more sensational, with bigger stars and higher budgets and indeed greater artistry. But there may not be many with such good cheer.
Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Roger Ebert Charlize Theron is one of the few actresses equal to the role, bringing to it beauty, steel-edged repose, and mystery.
Variety - 7/10 by Ken Eisner Combo of gorgeously shot Western settings (mostly in snowbound Idaho), memorably mismatched characters, and light-touch social commentary.
The Hollywood Reporter - 7/10 by Kirk Honeycutt A sweet-natured holiday comedy that derives no small amount of specialness and energy from the fact that the movie offers a glimpse of contemporary American Indian life.
Chicago Reader - 7/10 by J.R. Jones Reminiscent of the TV series "Northern Exposure," this 2001 indie comedy by writer-director Kate Montgomery smoothly transplants 30s-style screwball comedy to an Apache-run ski resort.
The New York Times - 7/10 by Jeannette Catsoulis A wisp of a movie so bursting with good cheer that even its sole meanie is given a personality makeover before the end credits.
Dallas Observer - 7/10 by Gregory Weinkauf The lavish drama spans England, France, and Spain (shot mostly in Montreal), and Duigan elegantly paints a moving romance of errors amid torture, bloodshed, and terrible tragedy.
Film Threat - 6/10 by Merle Bertrand The kind of film in which you pretty much know that everything is going to turn out all right in the end. That doesn't mean, however, that one won't enjoy watching this warm and fuzzy exercise in escapism in the process.
TV Guide Magazine - 6/10 by Maitland McDonagh The fact that it was shot at the picturesque Utah resort is a huge plus and the film is so unabashedly eager to please.

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