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A hustling drug addict checks himself into rehab to escape trouble with the law, and realizes that it's exactly what he needs.... (Full plot summary below)

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A hustling drug addict checks himself into rehab to escape trouble with the law, and realizes that it's exactly what he needs.

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Spirituality and Practice - 9/10 by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat The film journey into the heart of darkness is tourist class all the way.
Ozus' World Movie Reviews - 6/10 by Dennis Schwartz An intense drama about substance abuse that turns out all too predictable, but is nevertheless powerful.
User Review - 10/10 by Xander K Probably the finest acting I have witnessed..ever!
User Review - 10/10 by Pamela H A great performance by Keaton but thats my opion,,great storyline.
User Review - 10/10 by Brattzie ' The best way to break old habits is to make new ones.
User Review - 10/10 by Greg B One of my most favorites.. a good story for those of us who are recovering or going through this.
User Review - 10/10 by Matthew F I got to thinking about the vanishing act Michael Keaton pulled on audiences over the last few years only to return in something that looks so bad it doesn't deserve my time or money, [i]White Noise[/i]. I think he was at one point one of the best actors working and really hit his high point in the film that is my newest edition in the "underrated movies" selections, [i]Clean and Sober[/i]. As the obsessive alcoholic and drug addict Daryl Poynter who enters in and out of rehabilitation facilities, Keaton gives one of the most impressive and kinetic performances I've ever seen. Glenn Gordon Caron directed this film that was released in 1988 that also features Morgan Freeman, M. Emmett Walsh, and Kathy Baker as another recovering alcoholic that becomes a much needed companion to Poynter. The screenplay is very well written by Tod Carroll, and his words are made even more powerful and convincing as they come out of Keaton's determined mouth. That Keaton didn't win the Oscar is a big reason why this film is labeled underappreciated in my opinion. The amazing thing about this film is that it doesn't try to heave all of the responsibility and depend on a strong performance by Keaton to carry the film. Everything about it is perfect, but even if it wasn't the film would still achieve success simply for this stunning portrayal. For this one performance alone Michael Keaton will forever be forgiven for all of the mediocrity he continues to do. With great performances in [i]The Paper, Jackie Brown, [/i]and [i]Out of Sight[/i], he has proven he can deliver. I just hope he starts to get back on track. If he doesn't I won't think any less of him though. [i]Clean and Sober [/i]is one of the greatest and most powerful movies I've ever seen highlighted by an unforgettable Keaton performance that you cannot stop watching.
User Review - 8/10 by Tim D Actually Michael Keaton in a dramatic role, was really good.
User Review - 8/10 by Nadeen M Michael Keaton is known for his comedy work and Batman mostly but this movie shows he is a great dramatic actor.
User Review - 8/10 by Michael R Good film. A dramatic tone to it. Very telling of how ones life, when addicted to drugs, can spiral out of control. I guess you need to be in a somber mood to appreciate this movie.
User Review - 8/10 by Mark K good show with some of the reality of life
User Review - 8/10 by Dan R It pretty much proved that Keaton could do well in dramatic roles, even if he never really took another one on again.

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