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Certificate: 15 | Released: 2003 | Duration: 2 hrs 18 mins | Director: David Thewlis | Studio: Guerilla Films | Genres: Drama

The simple lives of toyshop owner Harry Sankey and his son Sam are thrown upside down by the tragic death of their beloved wife and idolized mother, Nancy. Believing it to be his wife's last wish, Sankey takes part in the popular but bizarre TV show "Cheeky", where he accidentally meets another Nancy, his charming fellow contestant, who attempts to draw him out of his misery.

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Following the tragic death of his wife, toyshop owner Harry Sankey (Thewlis) does the right thing and appears on a trashy TV game show, believing it to be his wife's dying wish. Though initially reluctant, Harry starts to see his life changing in wonderful ways... British comedy written, directed by and starring David Thewlis.

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