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Tom Green stars as a bumbling buffoon, who lands at Butling after working his way through all other 'A' and 'B' jobs.... (Full plot summary below)

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Tom Green stars as a bumbling buffoon, who lands at Butling after working his way through all other 'A' and 'B' jobs.

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Movie Reviews

Christian Science Monitor - 10/10 by David Sterritt The delights of the movie lie in its zany characters, its goofy settings, and above all its surrealistic visual style.
The Hollywood Reporter - 9/10 by Michael Rechtshaffen The result is an animated adventure that's funnier than "Shark Tale" and more charming than "The Polar Express."
Boston Globe - 8/10 by Wesley Morris The film, which is as economically made as it is primitively animated, ambles from adventure to adventure, taking nothing seriously, not even itself. - 8/10 by Stephanie Zacharek The brilliance of The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie -- as well as the show -- is that it's cognizant without being self-consciously knowing.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 8/10 by Carrie Rickey The trippy creation of onetime marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob is a cockeyed optimist toiling at the bottom of the fast-food chain.
New York Post - 8/10 by Lou Lumenick Full of action and silliness that will delight rug rats, but it's still hip and absurd enough to entertain grown-ups, too.
L.A. Weekly - 8/10 by Ella Taylor The movie is driven almost entirely by its exhilaratingly subversive characters.
San Francisco Chronicle - 8/10 by Carla Meyer Delightful.
Los Angeles Times - 8/10 by Kenneth Turan Its instinctive, unstoppable cheerfulness can be, as all those millions of viewers have found, something of a tonic if you're in the mood.
The New York Times - 8/10 by Dana Stevens The movie itself triumphs by similar means; it is a marvel of unleashed childishness, like a birthday party on the edge of spinning out of control.
Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Roger Ebert Assuming that few members of SpongeBob's primary audience are reading this (or can read), all I can tell you is, the movie is likely to be more fun than you expect.
New York Daily News - 8/10 by Jami Bernard It won't cure the ills of the world, but it doesn't need to. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is adorable in its own spongy way.

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