Big Stan
Big Stan

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Certificate: 15 | Released: 2007 | Duration: 1 hr 44 mins | Director: Rob Schneider | Studio: Momentum Pictures | Genres: Comedy

Stan, a two-bit con man, is being sent to prison for fraud and the prospect terrifies him. Seeking help from a mysterious martial arts guru known only as The Master, Stan transforms himself into a kung fu expert - ultimately bringing the warring prison gangs together and establishing peace within its walls.

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After being sentenced to prison for conning old ladies out of their hard earned cash, Stan panics, knowing that he's going to be breakfast for the bunch of strong-armed convicts and has no hope of defending himself. In desperation, Stan goes to The Master (David Carridine), who transforms him into a top Kung Fu fighter. No long jailbait, Stan heads to prison with a new found determination to kick the other prisoners into place and to bring the warring factions together. Best described as Deuce Bigalow crossed with Kung Fu and The Shawshank Redemption.

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