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Big Daddy

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Certificate: 12A | Released: 1999 | Duration: 1 hr 29 mins | Director: Dennis Dugan | Studio: Uca | Genres: Comedy

Adam Sandler stars as Sonny Koufax, a perpetual adolescent whose girlfriend gives him the ultimatum of taking some responsibility into his life or saying goodbye to her. Magically, the child of his roommate turns up on his doorstep, and Sonny decides to take the child into his care to show the lady he is capable of being responsible. Bathroom humor, unexpected bonding, and $165,000,000 in box office receipts ensue!

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Movie Reviews

Entertainment Weekly - 6.7/10 by Owen Gleiberman Much of Big Daddy looks like it was made up on the spot, but Sandler, with his bad-dog eagerness to get caught in the act of misbehaving, pulls you through it.
Dallas Observer - 8.0/10 by Hal Hinson It's a hilarious, dumb comedy that's smart enough to be something more. And all it does is make Sandler the most soulful -- and the funniest -- comic in the business.
ReelViews - 6.3/10 by James Berardinelli Go to this movie for the cheap laughs and bodily fluid jokes -- those are its strengths.
Variety - 7.0/10 by Robert Koehler While the loyal male-teen aud core will not be disappointed with the spate of gags just for them, story contains solid date-movie material.
The A.V. Club - 8.0/10 by Nathan Rabin Sandler's best movie, a surprisingly touching and consistent comedy that finds him reaching out to new audiences without abandoning the transgressive meanness that has enlivened his best work.

Movie Trivia

  • Adam Sandler's wife Jackie appears as a waitress in a bar.
  • Director Dennis Dugan appears in the film as the man who is unprepared for trick or treaters.
  • Twin brothers Cole and Dylan Sprouse, who played Julian, lost teeth during filming and had to be fitted with temporary replacements.
  • Director Dennis Dugan also directed Happy Gilmore, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and Grown Ups, all of which star Adam Sandler.
  • Adam Sandler won the Best Comedic Performance award at the MTV Movie Awards for his performance as Sonny.

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