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After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college.... (Full plot summary below)

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After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college.

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Boston Globe - 9/10 by Ty Burr A hugely enjoyable shambles. It’s a comic deconstruction of that most useless of Hollywood artifacts — the blockbuster sequel — that refuses to take itself seriously on any level, which, face it, is just what we need as the summer boom-boom season shifts into high gear.
MediaMikes - 9/10 by Michael A. Smith Full of inside jokes (hey, we're making a sequel) and fantastic performances, "22 Jump Street" is everything you want in a sequel and more.
TheWrap - 8/10 by Inkoo Kang A few of the self-referential gags get recycled one too many times, but an exuberant buoyancy — and the belly-laugh-a-minute pacing of the jokes — makes 22 Jump Street a hilarious highpoint of an already quite funny summer season.
Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Bill Zwecker There are certainly a lot of actors who can match Hill and Tatum as comic actors, but it’s the oddball connection between these two that makes for a very entertaining couple of hours at the movies.
McClatchy-Tribune News Service - 8/10 by Roger Moore This comedy produces the biggest, loudest laughs of any movie this summer.
Fan The Fire - 8/10 by Martin Roberts If there's a funnier comedy this year, it'll have to be something quite special.
CineVue - 8/10 by Ben Nicholson 22 Jump Street is hugely successful in retaining - and in many instances, improving upon - the qualities of it predecessor and pitching some jokes that will still have people chuckling for days afterwards.
The Telegraph - 8/10 by Tim Robey This excellent film is a sequel and knows it, and wants us to know that it knows it.
The Playlist - 8/10 by Oliver Lyttelton 22 Jump Street might not be quite as good as "21 Jump Street," but it's remarkably close, to the point where subsequent viewings could see it elevated above its predecessor.
NPR - 8/10 by Bob Mondello Filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who are themselves impressive partners at this point) know enough not to mess with a successful formula.
RogerEbert.com - 8/10 by Matt Zoller Seitz It's a self-aware movie that makes fun of the macho clichés it indulges.
KC Active - 8/10 by Dan Lybarger In fact, much of the bawdy humor in 22 Jump Street comes from its makers' staunch refusal to take anything about the venture seriously.

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